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Pesky Pests In Your Garden

The word ‘garden’ is often associated with descriptive words such as ‘peaceful’, ‘tranquil’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘inviting’. The problem, however, is that we aren’t the only ones who think so. While many of the living species in your garden are harmless, if not beneficial, there are a few creatures that can do a lot more damage than good. Here are a [...]

Nine Awesome Backyards And Gardens

With all the gardening and decorative resources available out there, it has become extremely easy to turn your backyard into a desirable outdoor living space. How far you want to take your landscaping and decorating skills depends on you, your budget and your vision. Have a look at 9 yards and outdoor spaces we think, deserve some credit Stealing inspiration from the Japanese [...]

Why You’re Killing Your Houseplants

We aren’t all great at keeping plants alive. In facts, the majority of us kill our plants shortly after bringing them home from the store or nursery. So what is it we are doing wrong? Here are some of the common reasons why your plants may be dying and how to prevent them from doing so The more water you give a [...]

Visit Allsorted Designs At Inspire Trade Expo 2016!

Allsorted are super excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Inspire Trade Expo this year! We will be there from Wednesday the 1st of June until Friday the 3rd of June 2016, 10:00 – 19:00 each day, at Gallagher Convention Centre. The Inspire Trade Expo includes exhibitors showcasing a variety of manufactured products including furniture for [...]

Micro Homes – The Future For Young Homeowners?

How much home space do you think a person (or family) requires in order to live comfortably? Some would say they need a spacious 5-bedroom home while others would settle for something a lot smaller. Some people, however, like to take space saving to the extreme. The tiny house movement is an interesting concept that has become a reality [...]

Yes, These Plants Actually Exist!

Here at Allsorted, we love plants! So much so, we design and create the most attractive planters just for them. There are, however, some very strange plants out there. We take a look at the weirdest, scariest, most unique plants around. We’re afraid not even our planters could save some of these plants. Then again, some could look quite cool inside an Allsorted [...]

Houseplants You (Probably) Won’t Kill!

Not all of us were blessed with green fingers. In fact, most of us find it easier to kill a plant than we do breathe. Luckily for us, there are some plants that, no matter how hard you try (or don’t try) to kill, just won’t die. Here is a list of the houseplants you can actually keep alive with minimal effort!   [...]

The Space Saving Tips You’ll Want To Follow

In this day and age space is a valuable commodity. We end up owning more than we have space for. With property sizes decreasing, our living spaces become more and more cluttered. What do we do about this, though? We cant exactly build a new room every time we run out of space. Take a look at some of these cool inventions and space-saving tricks. [...]

Beautiful Mansions We Admire

We all have an idea of what our perfect home would look like. Usually, huge properties and multi-storey mansions come to mind. Does the idea of having your own personal bowling alley interest you? Maybe the thought of 3 pools and a private gym grabs your interest? Whatever it is, we are sure you could find it in one of these extravagant [...]