We aren’t all great at keeping plants alive. In facts, the majority of us kill our plants shortly after bringing them home from the store or nursery. So what is it we are doing wrong? Here are some of the common reasons why your plants may be dying and how to prevent them from doing so

The more water you give a plant, the faster it grows, right? Wrong. Overwatering a plant can be worse for the plant than under watering it. Check watering requirements for your plant as too much water can make your plant ‘lazy’ and prevent it from growing. Allsorted planters are designed to fit self-watering liners that ensure correct watering of plants.

A change is not always as good as a holiday. Many plants go into shock when they are moved from one environment to another. If you have recently moved your plant from one section of the house to another, this could be the reason it’s not doing too well.

Get your light source right. While most plants need sunlight to grow, they don’t always like direct sunlight. Some plants burn under direct sunlight. Your plant could also be unhappy due to lack of sunlight. Always predetermine the light requirementsof a plant before purchasing it.

If you have recently repotted your plant, there’s a possibility it has gone into shock. Pulling a plant out of its container by the foliage can be damaging. Gently loosen the sides of the pot to get the plant out. Dry air can upset most plants and cause them to lose leaves. If you haven’t got access to a humidifier, then try placing trays of water in the room, near the plants. The evaporation will cause a more humid environment. You could also move the plants into the bathroom.

Fungal growth might occur on plants that are in very humid areas- keep an eye out for this. Airing the leaves might prevent this.

The pH level of the soil in which your plant is growing can often affect its health. Different plants have different pH level soil requirements. Ask your local nursery for advice when purchasing potting soil for your particular plant.

If you’re moving plants from outside, inside, check them first to ensure there are no parasites or harmful bugs on them. Such parasites could spread to the indoor plants, causing them to become unhealthy.

Cleaning your plants regularly is important. Keep the leaves dust-free by wiping them with a damp cloth or lightly spraying them and wiping clean.

Most houseplant varieties are from tropicalwarmer environments. If your house is too cold, this could be the reason they aren’t flourishing.

Choose plants that require less attention. Check out our blog on plants that you won’t easily kill.

Neglecting your plant because you think it’s already dead is probably a good way to completely kill it. Before giving up on it, check that it isn’t just reacting to one of the above-mentioned problems

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