In this day and age space is a valuable commodity. We end up owning more than we have space for. With property sizes decreasing, our living spaces become more and more cluttered. What do we do about this, though? We cant exactly build a new room every time we run out of space. Take a look at some of these cool inventions and space-saving tricks.

Amazon has a fold down table which is mounted on the wall as a neat little box and can be pulled out to create a workspace desk. A clever idea for those living in apartmentswhere there’s no space for an office.

staircase fitted with drawers in the risers is a very clever way of maximising storage space without having to build or place chunky, space-consuming cupboards and dressers.

You could even have an under-stairs bathroom built in. Valuable space could be saved by doing so.

Use the vertical space of the inside of your kitchen cupboard doors to store smaller, flatter kitchen items such as cutlery, measuring cups, spices or anything really! This is not just for the kitchen and it’s a tip almost everyone can use.

While on the topic of kitchens, you can use that empty gap between the wall and the fridge (or any other appliance really) to install sliding wracks that can house bottles, spices, and cereals. Perfect for a home that doesn’t have space for a pantry. You can buy ready-made sliding pantries from Amazon.

Under-bed storage space should be utilised. Create or install a slide-out storage compartment that can be used for anything from clothes to DVDs. This means there will be no space left for the boogie man to hide, too!

If you have many collections of little thingssuch as nuts and bolts, rings or other small items that could easily get lost, this one’s for you. Glass jars with screw on lids work perfectly as under shelf or counter storage compartments. Just superglue or screw in the top of the lids to the underside of the shelf!

Holding onto items such as magazines and packaging can take up a lot of space. Keep pages that you need from the magazines and instructions on the packaging in file sleevesand recycle the rest.

Let’s face it; refrigerator space can be scarce, especially when there are many family members living in a house. By planning your weekly meals, you can buy only the food you will need to make those meals and cut down on wasted space and food.

If floor space is minimal in your bedroom, try using hanging bedside tables. This one found on from Monster Circus is awesome.

Vertical space is often overlooked. Don’t use precious horizontal surface space for lamps or even desktop items. Create shallow shelves above desks and make use of wall mounted light fittings. This one found on Design Milk combines a light and an actual surface space.

There are many ways to overcome a small space and cleverly adapt your surroundings to be clutter-free and practical. If you are looking for some ideas on decorating a small space, have a look at this article ’15 best Small Space Decorating Ideas’  by Jen Reviews.

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