Here at Allsorted, we love plants! So much so, we design and create the most attractive planters just for them. There are, however, some very strange plants out there. We take a look at the weirdest, scariest, most unique plants around. We’re afraid not even our planters could save some of these plants. Then again, some could look quite cool inside an Allsorted planter.

This plant is more common than some on this list but that does not make it any less strange. This rock shaped succulent is found naturally in South Africa and is drought resistant. They can look rather attractive when they bloom, too.


Corpse Flower
Its scientific name is Rafflesia Arnoldii but got given the nick name “Corpse flower” because of its putrid smell of rotting carcasses. This strange, giant flower can be found in Indonesia. There is said to be an argument over whether it is an actual flower or a fungi. Either way, we don’t think we’d enjoy the smell of rotting animals in our garden, thanks.


Venus fly Trap
We know everyone knows about this plant but we had to include it on our list. The plant’s leaves will shut as soon as an insect lands between them. Talk about carnivorous. The still make awesome houseplants.


This monster-like plant is actually real! It has a centre that smells like animal dung. This attracts beetles that it traps inside until it is ready to release them with its pollen attached. It looks like something out of an alien movie.


Victoria Amazonica
Giant water lilies, as we like to call them. These lilies can grow up to 3metres wide and hold fairly heavy loads of weight. Their flowers appear only at night in order to reproduce and close up as the sun rises. Although pretty on top, the rest of the plant is covered in thorns to deter predators. These plants don’t exist only in fairy tales!


Chinese Black Bat Flower
This creepy, mysterious plant grows black, bat-like flowersthat seem to have whiskers or tentacles growing out of them. The hanging fruit looks like sleeping bats. It’s scary enough to chase away predators.


Star Flower
This pretty star shaped flower may appear attractive but it releases a horrible odour in order to attract its pollinators- the flies. The fuzzy leaves make us want to touch it.

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