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Air Cleaning Plants

Previously we discussed the benefits of having plants in the office environment.  Now, we will take a look at the ideal plants to use and why they are so beneficial in the work place. Sick Building Syndrome is used to describe the occurrence of poor health associated with working in a badly ventilated office environment.  Chemicals and pollutants build up [...]

Choosing A Planter That’s Right For Your Space

When decorating your home or garden, you want to know that you are purchasing the correct products for that area. Nobody wants to waste money buying the wrong product. That’s why we have made a list of factors to keep in mind when purchasing one of our planter pots. Is The Space Indoor Or Outdoor? The area in which you plan to place [...]

Why We Love Aluminium Planters (And You Should, Too!)

These days, most homes, malls, offices, hotels and public places are decorated with some form of plant or vegetation.  We usually use plant pots, vases, urns or planters to contain these plants.  What makes aluminium planters superior though? We list the reasons why we love these planters. Allsorted planters are available in many different styles, materials and finishes; and can be suited for many different situations. Our planters [...]