We all have an idea of what our perfect home would look like. Usually, huge properties and multi-storey mansions come to mind. Does the idea of having your own personal bowling alley interest you? Maybe the thought of 3 pools and a private gym grabs your interest? Whatever it is, we are sure you could find it in one of these extravagant homes. Take a look at a few of the world’s most luxurious and expensive homes.

At the beginning of our list, we have a home, with which, we are all familiar – Buckingham Palace. Although it is a palace, it is still technically a home so we had to include it on our list. According to Royal gov, this home fit for a queen has a total of 775 rooms. 52 of these rooms are reserved as royal or guest bedrooms and 188 are staff bedrooms. The palace also has a total of 78 bathrooms and 92 office rooms. Many important functions are held at Buckingham Palace so it is essential that there be a ballroom, state dining room and drawing room. The gardens are just as beautiful.Buckingham PalaceImage Source: Royal Government


Although Updown Court has a substantial number of rooms less than Buckingham Palace’s 775, there is nothing lacking from this home in Surrey, England. The 103-roomed mansion (Get Surrey) is fitted with luxurious roman-inspired bathing rooms, spacious gardens, a large kitchen, bowling alley and an indoor pool. There is even a tennis court placed in the gardens. All these over-the-top features were bound to attract some negative attention and, as a result, the mansion has been named ‘Britain’s tackiest house’.Updown CourtImage Sources: Get Surrey and Daily MailCastillo Caribe is situated in the Cayman Islands. The beachfront mansion looks like something out of a mermaid movie. According to Kannadiga World, It features a front facing pool with grotto, a private gym, steam room and spa, a bar, tennis court, staff quarters and to top things off – a helipad. The house looks straight into the sea and has a fresh, lighthearted island feel to it. Indoor palm trees finish off the look.


Castillo CaribeImage Sources: Design You TrustCastilloCaribe.com and Business Insider


Spelling Manor was originally built by billionaire Aaron Spelling in 1988. Heiress Petra Ecclestone later bought it. It features 123 rooms. One of the rooms has been turned into a private hair salon. The master suite features its own kitchen, living room and matching his and hers bathrooms (Forbes). Although images of the interior of the house are rare, it has been reported that the décor inside is dark and over-the-top

.Spelling Manor

Image Sources: Forbes and Curbed


The Pinnacle in Montana, United States is set in a ski resort and has its own private ski lift up to the top of the mountains. The 10-bedroom mansion is decked out with heated floors and bathrooms with fireplaces to keep away the Winter chill (Coupay.com). It is also fitted with a wine cellar and private gym. Indoor and outdoor pools make an appearance on this property, too. You wouldn’t need to leave the place – other than to ski, of course!

The PinnacleImage sources: Daily MailHouse Gawker and Luxus


With its spaciously designed buildings and gardens, Fairfield Pond in The Hampton’s is perfect for an active lifestyle. It features its own bowling alley, squash court, tennis court and basketball court, as well as 3 swimming pools (Luxury mansions). The estate is also said to have 29 rooms and 39 bathrooms. The property is clearly suited for the entertainment lifestyle as it has its own ‘playhouse’ area where parties can be hosted.

Fairland Pond MansionImage Source: Business Insider and Hubpages

Maison De L’Amitie in Palm Beach, Florida is an 18 bedroom mansion that also contains 22 bathrooms. Marble and mahogany are commonly utilised in the interior of this luxurious looking home. The garage can host up to 80 cars inside according to The most expensive homes. Donald Trump, who later sold it to Dmitry Rybolovlev, originally owned it. The windows have even been fitted with bullet-proof glass. Talk about security!

Maison De L'AmitieImage Sources: Man Talk

Imagine having your own nightclubThe Hearst Mansion does. The 29 bedroom dwelling also has 3 exquisite pools, tennis courts, an elaborate dining roomlibrary and a wine cellar. The interiors are ornately decorated and the property is filled with artwork and sculptures. The architecture of this mansion is something to appreciate.

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