With all the gardening and decorative resources available out there, it has become extremely easy to turn your backyard into a desirable outdoor living space. How far you want to take your landscaping and decorating skills depends on you, your budget and your vision. Have a look at 9 yards and outdoor spaces we think, deserve some credit

Stealing inspiration from the Japanese zen gardenconcept can result in a tranquil yet inviting space. Achieve this by creating secret rock gardens, flowing lines and ponds to the garden space. You can also make use of moss, leafy trees, and small statues to create an authentic look. If you have the budget, add koi fish to your pond, but remember- they require a lot of attention.

This next Californian garden makes use of succulents in a beautiful way. The pools and water features in the ‘Garden of Water and Light’ create cohesion between plants and land. It is a tranquil yet visually interesting space suitable for the Californian climate. To view more photos of the property, visit: The American Society of LandscapeArchitects Website.

If luxury is your thing, then this backyard will definitely grab your attention. The Bartholomew Residence garden, designed by AMS Landscape Design Studios, makes use of repetition of shape and line. Every last detail from the hardscaping aspects like pool tiles and pavers to the stunning use of plants has been thought of.

Natural-born mermaids and fairy-tale fans alike will love this backyard design. It features a forest of towering trees as a backdrop to a lagoon-style pool with rock waterfalls. With a backyard like this, it would be pretty easy to escape reality.

To have a lagoon with a waterfall is one thing, but being surrounded by crystal clear sea is another! This yard, surrounding its beach house, is the ultimate holiday house, with a lounging deck and its own private beach. Its residents can literally walk out their door and into the sea.

Using limited space as an excuse for not having a garden has become a thing of the past with the emergence of vertical gardens. This building’s designers made use of its dead outer wall space on which beautiful plants can be grown. Not only does this save space and look attractive, but it also contributes to oxygen production. Not just a pretty face!

Simplicity is the key element in this backyard. Clean, straight lines, minimal use of material and a blend between nature and man-made are used to create this space. The glass sides of the swimming pool add a modern twist and the choice of tree species also adds visual excitement.

Stepping into a miniature forest can be soothing to the soul. This garden full of bonsais is adorable yet sophisticated. A variety of species has been used and the look has been finished off with a miniature river and crossing bridge.

If you don’t have the space outside or, perhaps you live on the third floor of an apartment building, this garden might appeal to you. Nobody said your garden had to be outside, right? We can see ourselves relaxing in this modern ‘backyard’

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