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14 Ways To Have An Eco-Friendly Garden

Let’s face it. Without nature, the human population would be in a lot of trouble. The human race is fast creating problems for our natural environment and the results are devastating. As individuals, we need to be responsible for creating a healthier living environment for both us and the other species around us. We can start in our own gardens [...]

Recycling: Being Responsible Is Simple

Have you ever wondered what happens to your trash once you’ve thrown it in the bin and it has been collected by the garbage truck? The process of creating a landfill is a serious one. It requires careful planning and a lot of energy. We take a look at the workings of a landfill and, what we can do [...]

Uses For Plants & Why We Shouldn’t Take Them For Granted

Although often beautiful, plants are not only visually attractive ornaments for the house and garden. Plants have a variety of different uses and benefits that we often overlook. Have a look at some of the other (obvious but overlooked) uses for plants and why we should encourage their growth and protect them Plants are great noise barriers. They act as sound [...]

Captivating Cacti: The Plants You Want In Your Home

They are the animated and quirky looking plants that have become a popular household decorative item over the last few years. We are talking about cacti and this is why we love them so much. With about 2000 species of cacti out there, you can choose the perfect one to go with your décor. They [...]

Be Water Wise In Your Garden

South Africa has been dealing with drought conditions for the last few months and with a lack of rainduring the winter season creeping up on us, its time to start thinking about cutting our water usage. We look at how you can have a beautiful garden without wasting copious amounts of water.   First things first, if you have a large garden [...]

Smart Container Planting Doesn’t Have To Waste Water

The current drought in South Africa has made us more conscious of saving water and, unfortunately, has lead us all to believe that we cannot maintain our luscious gardens as water restrictions have become a reality.  This does not have to be the case, however.  How do we maintain a magnificent garden while saving water?  Container gardening has become trendy and it's a solution to [...]

Green Workplaces Are Happier Work Places

The use of plants in the office environment is not a new concept. For years now, corporates have used plants to decorate and brighten up otherwise dull indoor working situations. It is well known that plants have many benefits ranging from aesthetics to health. We take a closer look at these benefits and unveil why indoor office plants could [...]

Allsorted Decks Out Shopping Malls

Allsorted is proud to say it has supplied furniture to a number of complete large-scale projects. Shopping spaces have been no exception. Shopping malls around the country have been decked out with Allsorted products including planters, litter bins, cigarette bins, and benches. We take a look at some of the completed projects. Baywest Mall in Port Elizabeth opened in 2015 and the exterior elements such as the Gabion lighting towers and litter bins were [...]

Killarney Mall – Allsorted!

Recently, Allsorted undertook yet another shopping mall project- Killarney Mall. The mall boasts a variety of shops including restaurants, hairdressers, florists, grocery, clothing, interior décor and speciality stores, which attract a large number of visitors to the centre. Allsorted was awarded the opportunity to manufacture and supply the new for the centre. Allsorted Contemporary benches have been placed throughout the [...]