The new Old Mutual Insure offices have created open areas for employees to take breaks, socialise and restore their energy. The courtyard in the middle of the buildings comprises of large aluminium Cube planters that have been planted up with trees. This has created an urban-forest-like environment where employees can take a break. Adding greenery to the office environment is important as it helps keep employees relaxed and productive, decreases rates of employee sick leave and creates cleaner air.

Having large trees in an office environment can significantly improve the quality of air surrounding that area. Trees filter pollutants and dust particles from the air in order to create oxygen. So it’s a no-brainer that having large trees throughout the space will create an oxygen dense environment.

In an urban environment where there is a high volume of noise pollution including the sound from traffic and man-made machinery, the placement of large trees can help absorb sound. This can be particularly useful in an office where employees need a space to escape from man-made sounds and stressful situations.

Humans are naturally drawn towards nature and greenery. Knowing we are close to nature improves our moods and, as a result, our productivity levels go up. Spending time near trees and plants increases energy levels and reduces blood pressure according to The Food and Agriculture Organisation of The United Nations. By placing large trees and other indoor plants inside the Old Mutual Insure office building, they have insured that employees have a green working environment. This will contribute to a less stressful and more productive workforce.

Strategically placed large trees can have a cooling effect in an environment. The trees in the Old Mutual Insure courtyard have been placed in a loose grid formation. In summer and as the trees grow, cool air will stay ‘trapped’ underneath them, creating a space where employees can cool off. Plants and trees inside an office, can even reduce the amount of money spent on air conditioning.

Allsorted Cube planters are designed to fit a watering liner that can regulate the amount of water that the tree receives. The water level can be constantly monitored, making it both easy to maintain and environmentally friendly as it does not waste water. This makes it easy for Old Mutual Insure to keep the trees healthy and alive.

The courtyard in the Old Mutual Insure office building creates a social space for employees. Trees in large planters, mixed with lounge furniture and grouping spaces makes for an environment conducive to relationship building.

Old Mutual Insure has done a great job at creating a peaceful, green working environment for its employees. Have a look at the indoor plants they placed inside the offices as well as the recycle bins. We will be updating you as we reveal more of this awesome office project.

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