One of Allsorted’s current projects is a large scale office building project for Old Mutual Insure. Allsorted has manufactured and provided Trough planters, Cube planters, benches, cigarette bins and recycle bins for the new Old Mutual Insure office building in Johannesburg. The courtyards inside the building were one of the main focuses as the client wanted to create pause areas with a green look and feel.

Allsorted manufactured the aluminium Cube planters for this project. The large cube planters have trees planted into them and have been placed in a grid-like formation. Having many trees in the courtyard creates shade as well as a peaceful atmosphere where employees can ‘escape’ and recoup.

Inside the office work space, Allsorted Trough planters have been placed in various spots. They have been planted up with Mother-in-Law’s Tongue and Ficus plants. The trough planters are a charcoal grey colour which contrasts nicely to the green of the plants.

Old Mutual Insure is one of the many companies jumping on the ‘green office’ bandwagon. Creating a green office environment with many plants brings employees closer to nature.  A study done on the effects of plants in the work place found that tension, anxiety and fatigue in workers are significantly reduced by having a work space with plants and trees.

Workers who work in green environments breath in healthier air and tend to have a healthier immune system. Offices with plants in them have less instances of absenteeism and sick workers.

Plants in the workplace also absorb more sound. This lends itself to a more peaceful and productive working environment. Workplaces that make use of plants and greenery have been found to have a 15% increase in productivity compared to those that have little or no greenery.

Old Mutual Insure has definitely created a stylish and green work environment and we are proud to be part of this project.

Have a look at the recycle bins we used for this project. We will also be revealing the other products we have placed as the project unfolds.

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