This year, Allsorted took on a project with Old Mutual Insure. The scope of the project included the manufacturing and providing of various planters, recycle bins, cigarette bins and benches for their new offices. The new offices boast an employee friendly environment that is stylish and modern while bringing employees closer to nature. The project is being completed in various stages.

As an environmentally responsible company, Old Mutual Insure is committed to recycling. Part of their recycling program includes recycle bins. Allsorted was asked to provide the recycle bins for the offices. Our recycle bin design comes in a one, two or three compartment option and has a range of different decal options for all types of waste / recycling material. Old Mutual insure required a triple compartment recycle bin for organic waste, plastic and glass & metal. The bins have colour coded decals on the lid and front of the bin. Inside the bin are 3 separate compartments that separate the different types of waste. They also required paper recycling bins for the offices. A single compartment recycle bin was the solution for this. Paper recycling bins have been placed throughout the office working space, close to printers and copiers in order to encourage recycling of otherwise wasted paper. Charcoal was the chosen colour for the aluminium recycle bins.

Trough planters have been placed inside the office building. Allsorted Trough planters come in double, triple and quadruple plant liner options.  Old Mutual Insure chose a triple plant option in an aluminium powder coated charcoal finish . In these planters, Sansevieria and Ficus plants have been planted. These plants add another touch of green to the office, creating a better working environment for employees.

Coupled with the new office furniture and desk units, these products look stunning in their new environment. Old Mutual Insure has created a sophisticated, environmentally friendly work space and Allsorted is excited to have been a part of this project.

More of Allsorted’s products have been placed inside the office building. Stay tuned as we reveal other phases of the project.

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