Artificial hedges are becoming a popular décor item in households, offices, restaurants and hotels. Simple trough planters filled with artificial hedge plants can be placed on balconies, against walls, in gardens or used as room dividers. This trend looks classy and brings the look and feel of our working and living environments a little closer to nature. Here are 6 reasons to add artificial hedges to your interior or exterior space.

Low maintenance:
A trough planter containing an artificial hedge is the perfect plant for areas where regular maintenance is not an option. Artificial plants require no water, pruning or replacing as they cannot die. At most, they will need an occasional dust / clean. You will save time and money, otherwise, wasted on watering, pesticides and fertilizing.

There are many different hedge types available, from red maple leaves to succulent leaves, the choice is yours. This means that you can choose the perfect hedge type to go with your environment. There are different sizes available too, making it easy to fit the best option into your space.

Create privacy:
Using a few artificial hedge troughs in a row can create a barrier or privacy wall. This is perfect for swimming pool areas, gardens or even indoor areas that you want to section off for a cozier feel. They can also create the perfect room dividers in offices and patio spaces.

Noise absorption:
The artificial plants act as a sponge for noise. Used in busy hotel lobbies or on outside decks and patios, they are the perfect choice for creating a quieter space.

High quality:
This classy look is made from high quality materials that are fade resistant, making them suitable for outdoor use.

While you wont be getting rid of your artificial hedge for a long time, once it finally does reach the end of its lifespan, it is 100% recyclable. Making it an environmentally friendly choice for you home, hotel or office.

We are sure, just by looking at them, you can see why they are admired by so many. Have a look at some of the artificial hedge trough projects we have worked on. If you are looking for the perfect privacy solution or just want to add a little greenery to your space (without the maintenance), contact us for a quote on our artificial hedge troughs.

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