Allsorted is regularly working on new and upgrade office projects for clients. This is not surprising since this is the space where most people spend the majority of their weekdays. Employers are becoming more aware of how the office environment affects employees. Allsorted products such as planters with both live and artificial plants, recycle bins, benches, litter bins and cigarette bins are being placed in these environments to create better work spaces for employees. Have a look at some of the awesome office space projects we have worked on.

Athol Towers:
Athol Towers, a green office building in Sandton, Johannesburg was designed by AMA Architects. The building has been designed to have a low energy and water consumption, making it environmentally friendly. The building makes use of double –glazed glass, rain water harvesting and low water consumption sanitary ware. All these elements contribute to a green building design that also keeps tenant costs to a minimum. Allsorted was asked to supply planters for this building. A mix of powdercoated white aluminium planters in various designs have been placed in the building lobby and reception area. White Cone planters in different heights have been used in the reception area, while Fat and Thin planters have been placed in the lobby area. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue and a mix of other indoor plants have been placed in the planters. The planters and plants compliment the building’s green design and create a space that lifts the moods of its occupants.

Athol Towers Planters

Old Mutual Insure:
Allsorted has been completing an office project for Old Mutual Insure in stages. The first stage included the placement of Allsorted Recycle bins, Trough planters and Chunky Cube planters. The aluminium Chunky Cube planters have been placed in the courtyard and planted up with trees. This creates a green zone where employees can relax and take a break from the office. Trough planters planted with Ficus and Mother-in-Law’s Tongue have been placed inside the office workspace, alongside recycle bins. The greenery in the office creates an uplifting environments for employees while the recycle bins encourage green practices.

Old Mutual Insure Planters

The SEDA offices in Pretoria were given an upgrade when the client decided they wanted to add a pause area in the garden of the office building. Allsorted was asked to design benches and tables to suit the corporate look and feel. Allsorted’s Contemporary bench has been used alongside Contemporary tables. The Contemporary benches are made from stainless steel 304 for outdoor use and have an orange fibrecane seat that matches the company’s corporate colours. Having an employee pause area in an outdoor space with greenery is beneficial in many ways including increasing employee productivity and reducing employee sick leave.

SEDA Office Benches

Allsorted worked on a project for Nashua. The client wanted to add stylish décor and greenery to their office building. Various Allsorted planters have been chosen and placed throughout the office. Stainless steel Contemporary planters in a mirror finish make an appearance in the design, along with Trough planters, Slimline planters and Cupboard Top Trough planters. Artificial plants have been used in the planters as they are less maintenance than live plants and work well in areas that do not have much natural light. A selection of artificial plants including mother-in-Law’s Tongue, succulents, Cycads and Yuccas have been used.

Nahsua Planters

Cool Ideas:
The Cool Ideas fibre provider offices are a great example of tech-company creativity. Cool Ideas is an internet service provider specializing in fibre broadband solutions. Their new offices in Rosebank are exciting and designed to keep employees happy. A strong blue theme (corporate colour) is carried out throughout the office, mixed with accents of white and red. Strong geometric shapes and line have been implemented in the design. The office creates specialized areas including casual working spaces, meeting rooms, office space, sitting areas, eating areas and even a kitchen. Allsorted white aluminium Trough planters have been placed inside the office. The planters contain artificial Zamiiofolia plants which are low maintenance and look great all year round. We definitely think this office is designed to make employees happy with such a welcoming space.

Cool Ideas Planters

Falcon and Hume Attorneys Inc:
In order to create a high-class look and feel in the Falcon and Hume offices, luxurious furniture items and fittings have been used. Allsorted was asked to customise our Café divider planter in order to make it longer. The white Café divider has artificial Zamiifolia plants set into them. The divider planter works well in demarcating certain areas such as waiting rooms and receptions. The Café divider adds greenery (although artificial) to the office in a sophisticated manner.

Falcon and Hume Office Dividers

Allsorted has worked on many other office projects including work done through interior designers. Have a look at some of our other projects here.

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