The use of plants in the office environment is not a new concept. For years now, corporates have used plants to decorate and brighten up otherwise dull indoor working situations. It is well known that plants have many benefits ranging from aesthetics to health. We take a closer look at these benefits and unveil why indoor office plants could create a better business environment for your company.

Office productivity is a big issue these days and, in most situations, the business that can do the most amount of work in the smallest possible amount of time, ends up coming out on top. “So how can indoor planting assist with this?” It’s simple. Plants take in carbon dioxide in order to produce food, in the process of photosynthesis- something we all learn in school science classes. By doing so, these plants release oxygen. With less carbon dioxide in the air, office stress levels are decreased and focus levels are increased. Workers can concentrate better when there is less C02 present in the air. Plants act as air filters and help to reduce bacteria and mould growth. This ultimately results in less illness and, therefore, less absent workers. Health benefits aside, plants can help in a few other ways too. Staff members and clients, who work in or visit a building with plants, feel happier and more relaxed. This is a good way of keeping customers happy. In buildings, where noise levels are high, the use of strategically placed plants can actually decrease the level of distracting background noise. Creativity levels are also increased when plants surround a working environment.

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Even if the benefits mentioned above weren’t true, plants in an office are aesthetically appealing to everyone and can create a positive atmosphere. There are many different types of plants available to suit size, budget and maintenance constraints, and depending on your office environment, as many or as few plants as desired, can be incorporated into your design. Both small and larger plants have benefits. There are many creative ways of incorporating live plants into a corporate environment. One can go far out and do so in a creative manner or could simply place some plants in a few strategic locations around the office. A simple arrangement of plants on a desk would work too. Either way, there are benefits to be reaped from doing so.

Check out these office plant designs.

Christian Pottgiesser Architecturespossibles designed this office environment for two companies in Paris Hanging plants in the 4Di Office in Rondebosch, Cape Town

Christian Pottgiessers’ of Architecturespossibles office design in Paris
Photo by: Luc BoeglyFound at: plants in the 4Di Office in Rondebosch, Cape Town
Article by: Kelly LevinsohnFound at: Desk Bowl Strategic arrangement of planters under a staff photo
Aluminium Square desk bowl on a canteen counter
Photo by: Allsorted Strategic arrangement of plantersunder a staff photo
Photo by: Allsorted
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