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Recycling: We Should All Be Doing Our Part

By now, we are all aware of the benefits of recycling, including job creation, the reduction in production costs and carbon footprint diminution. The benefits are boundless and we should all be doing our part when it comes to this constructive activity. We take a look at recycling in South Africa and see what we [...]

Latest Project: Old Mutual Insure’s Offices

This year, Allsorted took on a project with Old Mutual Insure. The scope of the project included the manufacturing and providing of various planters, recycle bins, cigarette bins and benches for their new offices. The new offices boast an employee friendly environment that is stylish and modern while bringing employees closer to nature. The project [...]

Stay On Top Of Joburg’s New Recycling Programme

Now that Pikitup and The City Of Joburg have introduced their Separation@Source programme, where all recyclable materials must be clearly separated before collection, recycling has become even more critical for South Africans. The Separation@Source programme aims to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills by enforcing a policy whereby individual citizens and [...]
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