Allsorted recently took on a project for Central Park, Kempton park, where customised benches, litter bins and planters were required. The project required mall furniture to match a geometric design on the upstairs balusters. The indoor shopping centre and apartment block now features our newly designed Abstract  Bench and litter bins. The new product range is inspired by geometric pattern, used in a classy and modern way.

The curved Abstract bench is made from stainless steel. Its base has a geometric triangle pattern cut out of it. The wooden seat is made to fit the bench with an overhang and can be manufactured in a variety of different wood finishes. This same look was applied to a straight version of the bench, similar to our Swiss bench.

Stainless steel litter bins were also custom designed with the geometric cut-out pattern. The bins have a colour backing plate behind the pattern to make it stand out. While a grey colour has been chosen for Central Park, there are many different standard colours that can be selected for the backing plate, making it easy to customise for your shopping mall, hotel, or public space. Standard square lids have been placed on the bins.

Our Abstract planter has the same geometric pattern cut-out with a  colour backing plate. Our planters are designed to fit plastic watering liners that can contain both live or artificial plants. Artificial Cycads have been placed in the planters designed for Central Park. This is a low maintenance solution to indoor plants.

Stainless steel is used to manufacture all of the abstract range as it is a durable, strong and attractive material, suitable for either indoor or outdoor use depending on the grade selected. A selection of different wood finishes can be applied to the bench tops.

If you are interested in upgrading the furniture in your shopping mall, hotel, apartment building or public space,  have a look at our different products or contact us.

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