Although often beautiful, plants are not only visually attractive ornaments for the house and garden. Plants have a variety of different uses and benefits that we often overlook. Have a look at some of the other (obvious but overlooked) uses for plants and why we should encourage their growth and protect them

Plants are great noise barriers. They act as sound insulators that absorb noise in buildings and gardens. To reduce the amount of outside noise coming in, in your office or garden, plant up dense trees and bushes.

While many joke about not liking their vegetables and fruit, we need plants as a source of food. Grains, vegetables, fruit, teas and even chocolate are produced using plants.

Are you inside a building right now? If so, chances are, some part of that building is made from plant sources. Wood is a commonly used building material. Recently, sustainable building methods have proven plant materials such as hemp, bamboo, and straw to be cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternatives to other materials.

We have previously mentioned that plants make great air filters. Harmful chemicals such as Trichloroethylene, Benzene, Ammonia, and formaldehyde are filtered through the plants, making the air we breathe healthier. Not to mention the fact that they produce oxygen.

Most beauty products are produced using plant ingredients. Different products such as shampoo, conditioner, make-up, toothpaste, perfume, moisturisers and body washes all contain ingredients derived from plants.

Many medicines and health products are made using plants as their main ingredients. Over the years, treating ailments naturally- using plants as an alternative to man-made products, has become popular.

Plants make you less stressed. They reduce stress in office and school environments and improve moods.

Without the underground root systems of plants, the soil would erode. The root systems keep the soil bonded together and prevent it from moving in rain.

The clothes you wear are made from plant materials. Cotton, hemp, and flax are commonly used to produce clothing items.

Without plants, our world would cease to exist. It is, therefore, important that we promote the growth of plantsin our gardensoffices, households and public spaces

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