Now that Pikitup and The City Of Joburg have introduced their Separation@Source programme, where all recyclable materials must be clearly separated before collection, recycling has become even more critical for South Africans.

The Separation@Source programme aims to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills by enforcing a policy whereby individual citizens and businesses must separate their waste material into categories such as glass, paper, plastic, metals and general waste. Pikitup will be working with companies such as The Glass Recycling Company, Collect-A-Can and PETCO in order to reduce landfill waste, create more jobs and ultimately, improve our carbon footprint on the earth.

What does this mean for you?

Effective from 1st July, all residents who currently receive recycling and waste collection services will be required to place dry recyclable waste (such as paper, plastics, metal and glass) into a separate bag (either blue or clear – depending on your service provider) for collection. Essentially, you will now have two separate bags of waste to be collected. One for these recyclable materials and one for bio-degradable general waste. For now, these recyclable items need not be separated further into their respective groups, however, you can do this in your own home by having a separate bag for plastics, metals, papers and glass. These smaller bags of non bio-degradable, recyclable materials can then be placed into the larger blue or clear bag at the end of every waste collection period.

If you are looking for an effective and stress-free recycling separation solution, Allsorted has the bin for you. Have a look at our recycle bin. It is a 3 compartment bin with customizable decals available for each material group. Whether your household or office uses paper, plastic, metal or glass, you can now separate these items easily for hassle-free recycling.

With the help of an effective recycling bin system, you will get into the habit of encouraging environmental responsibility and working towards a greener South Africa.

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