Central Park Shopping Centre and Apartments in Kempton Park is one of the recent projects Allsorted assumed. The developers decided to restore and enhance the mixed-use building that consists of a strip mall and 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Allsorted was asked to provide furniture for this project.

The Central Park apartments and strip mall form a walk-through entrance to Kempton Square Shopping Centre. The idea of this project was to create a safer and more aesthetically pleasing living environment for residents. At night, the entrance is access-controlled, open to residents only. The building has also been fitted with pause areas throughout and an open-air top floor playground, soccer field and braai area.

Allsorted was asked to manufacture custom furniture to match the design of the indoor walk-through area. The Allsorted Curved Abstract bench and Abstract bin have been customised to match the cut-out pattern on the upstairs steel balusters. The geometric pattern on the benches, bins and balustrades works well with the triangular roof and square floor and wall tiles. The Abstract litter bin has a dark grey backing plate to match the grey colours in the tiles and columns. Allsorted will also be providing large planters which will be placed in between the bench and bin sets. The shop tenants are currently moving in to their new premises.

Inside the Central Park apartment building, more Allsorted products can be seen. The customised Abstract bench and bin make an appearance in pause areas, located on each of the 6 apartment floors. Each level’s pause area has a different colour theme mixed with grey which matches the grey in the litter bin and bench tops. Customised cut-out Abstract planters have also been placed in these areas and contain artificial cycads. The artificial plants are a great solution for low-light areas as they require little to no maintenance and look good all year round. These pause areas encourage residents to relax and socialize with one another, creating a sense of community.

On the top floor of the building is an outdoor entertainment area. The area includes a children’s playground and soccer field. This is a great solution to a safe play environment as the only way to access it, is through the building. It gives both adult and children living in the apartments a good escape from the indoors while still in a secure environment. On the other side of this play space, is a covered braai area. Allsorted manufactured Gabion benches and bins along with Composite tables for this entertainment area. The gabion benches and litter bins contain gabion rock which works effectively in outdoor spaces. The bench tops and table tops are made from composite which is a durable, hard-wearing and attractive material, perfect for a high-use area. There is also a residents laundry facility upstairs. This rooftop area is a great socializing space for families living in the apartments.

We enjoyed working on this project as we were able to provide a variety of different products for it. The client has achieved the goal of creating a safe, convenient living space for the residents. Allsorted is able to manufacture a wide range of benches, litter bins, planters, tables and other furniture for mixed-use environments such as this. If you are upgrading your building, have a look at our furniture or contact us for more information.

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