Allsorted Designs is constantly updating their product range. One of their newer products to be released is the Café Divider planter. The Café Divider is a multiple trough planter perched on a frame for a simple, modern look. There are many uses for this stylish new planter. We share some reasons why you should consider the Café Divider for your home, office or restaurant.

The Café Divider is suitable for a variety of different applications. It can be used in offices as a divider among work stations or to add some greenery to reception areas. It also works well in hotel lobbies and check-in areas or as a divider in conference rooms.

The planter divider can be used in cafés and restaurants to create borders around designated table areas in order to stop traffic flow between dining customers’ tables.

The planter comes in various size options and is suitable for outdoor use, therefore, making it a great multiple planter for inside the home or in your private garden.

This planter can be suited to just about any environment – gyms, churches and educational institutions alike.

A number of different plants can be planted into one divider without the risk of mixing roots as each section contains its own self-watering liner. The dividers come with the size options to fit either one liner, two liners or three liners.

There are various colour options to choose from in our standard range of powder coated colours and, should you require a specific colour to be matched, we could do this with a painted finish.

As it is manufactured from aluminium and powder coated with a powder coated mild steel frame, the divider is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it great for gardens and outdoor walk ways as well.

The Café Divider comes in 3 different length options (One liner, two liner or three liner) and 3 different height options. This ensures that there will be a perfect size planter for every environment, whether it’s for a domestic home, corporate office or large shopping mall or airport.

The stylish design is available from Allsorted Designs. Click here to see further details on the planter or contact us for pricing. Allsorted has a wide range of planters for all environments. Have a look at our planters for more.

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