In 2016, Allsorted worked on a project for Athol Towers office building in Sandton. They provided the planters for the reception and lobby areas. A selection of different planters were utilized in the design. Allsorted recently added more of their products to the building as the client was looking for more planters by the lift lobbies and on the first floor.

Allsorted’s new trough planter range – the Econo Trough range has been used. Triple-liner Econo Trough planters have been placed in the lift lobby. The white aluminium multiple planters has been planted up with live Mother-In-Law’s Tongue plants. The white and green contrast well with the neutral tones of the lobby area.

The first floor passage way has been decorated with white Square planters that stand at 850mm tall. These too, have been planted up with Mother-In-Law’s Tongue plants. Square planters are a great way of creating a statement in a formal corporate office area. They can be used to line passage ways or on either side of an entrance door.

Both styles of planters were manufactured from aluminium with a white powder coated finish applied. Aluminium is rust proof and durable, yet still light weight and easy enough to move around, should you wish to change up the interior of your space. It is also available in a variety of finishes including brushed and various colour options. Aluminium planters are the perfect solution for domestic or corporate environments.

Have a look at our planter ranges or contact us for pricing on our Square or Econo Trough planters.

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