These days, most homesmallsofficeshotels and public places are decorated with some form of plant or vegetation.  We usually use plant pots, vases, urns or planters to contain these plants.  What makes aluminium planters superior though?

We list the reasons why we love these planters.

Allsorted planters are available in many different styles, materials and finishes; and can be suited for many different situations.

Our planters have been used in malls across South Africa, as well as hospitals, private homes, airports, hotels, offices and even car dealerships.

While our planters can be made from a selection of materials, aluminium has proved to be most popular with our customers.  The material is a metal element and is known to have a generous amount of advantages.

Easy to Move

 planters  or urns are lightweight, which makes them easy to manoeuvre around.  Want to change up your interior space? Just pick the planter up and relocate it.  Simple.

Saves You Money

Aluminium is substantially cheaper than most other metals used to manufacture planter pots, especially as an option for outdoor and coastal regions.  While it will never compete with terracotta or plastic pot prices, it is in a class of its own in terms of style.


While most plant pots will break or fade over time, aluminium pots are durable and will survive a longer time period.  The material is able to face the elements.  Aluminium does not corrode– even in coastal areas.  This makes it the ideal, cost-effective solution to planting in such areas.

Green Points

We all want to be good citizens and reduce our carbon footprint.  Who knew that using an aluminium planter would help with this?  Aluminium is 100% recyclableand Allsorted aluminium products are made from a percentage of recycled aluminium which cuts energy usage to 5% of what it would use to produce the product from Bauxite Ore initially.

Decisions, Decisions

Aluminium planter products are perfect for those wanting a particular colour or finish.  There are a number of different finish options to choose from including paintedpowder coatedbrushed and satin.  All options have a very different look about them.

You can go wild!

Safety First

Aluminium planters are non-toxic and safe to use around the house and outdoors.  No harmful chemicals or toxins will be released into the atmosphere or your garden.

A Natural Beauty

Like you need a better reason!

There are many options to choose from and we guarantee you will find a plant pot to suit the area in which you wish to place it. If not, Allsorted customises planters too.

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