When decorating your home or garden, you want to know that you are purchasing the correct products for that area. Nobody wants to waste money buying the wrong product.

That’s why we have made a list of factors to keep in mind when purchasing one of our planter pots.

Is The Space Indoor Or Outdoor?
The area in which you plan to place your planter will play a big role in deciding on the correct product for you. The exposure of the planter to different environmental factors will determine what material is best for your planter.If your planter will be outside where it will be exposed to rain and other weather elements, a less wearing material such as AluminiumStainless Steel 304CorTen or Mild Steel should be chosen. If your location is close to the coast, it is recommended that Aluminium, CorTen or Stainless Steel 316 planters be used.What Is The Size Of The Space?
The size of the area in which you plan to place your planter needs to be determined. It is recommended that you measure the spacebefore choosing a planter. All planter sizes are indicated on their respective specification sheets. There are various sizes available for each range as we cater for both large commercial spaces such as malls and offices and domestic spaces such as homes. Customised sizes can be manufactured.What Is Your Budget?
The different materials vary in costAluminium and Mild Steelare the most cost effective materials available in terms of our products. Stainless Steel 316, however, is more costly as it is a specialized material.What Shape Do You Want?
With so many options to choose from, Allsorted will have a planter to match the area in which you wish to place it.There are over 30 different planter ranges to choose from- all of which are customizable. Planters range from simple Square and Cylinder ranges to more complex, geometric ranges such as the Cuba.

Don’t see a shape you like? Ask us about customizing.

What Plants Do You Want?
This decision is based on personal preference.

Allsorted’s planters come with liners that can be adapted for both indoor and outdoor use. This means that the majority of our products are not to be directly planted into. This will prevent unnecessary damage to the planters. It is advisable that bigger plants are planted into larger planters; however, scale can be played with depending on the look you’re going for. Certain plantsmay look more visually pleasing with certain planters based on their shape and size.

What Finish Do You Want?
Once again, this decision is based on personal style preference.

Satin, Brushed and Mirror finishes are available for Stainless steel while Brushed and Satin, Painted and Powder Coatedfinishes are available for Aluminium. Mild Steel can be Painted or Powder Coated. CorTen has a finish of its own, as it is creates a rust-like surface when exposed to the elements.

Painting and Powder Coating can be customized to match your colour scheme and colours are available in matte and gloss finish.

If you’re still struggling with making a decision, feel free to give us a call or pop us an email. We are always ready to help you. You may also want to check out our technical pageTo view our range of planters click here.

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