According to Google, the word Gabion is defined as “a cylindrical basked or container filled with earth, stones or other material and [is] used in civil engineering works or (formerly) fortifications.”  The word is derived from the Italian word Gabbia or Gabbione which means ‘big cage’.

The use of Gabions goes as far back as ancient Egypt where they used the structures to reinforce and protect the banks of the Nile River.

Gabions were also used as protective structures during wars.  Nowadays it is uncommon to have the Nile river running through our backyard.  We do, however, still use Gabions for a more decorative reason.

The use of Gabions has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Allsorted has partaken in many Gabion projects ranging from shopping malls to private gardens and benches to planters.  We take a look at some of our Gabion projects.

Allsorted has completed a variety of Gabion projects.  Baywest Mall in Port Elizabeth, SA opened its doors in May 2015.  The new mall is decked out with Gabion products including Gabion litter binsbenches and towers.  A custom design was included in this project.  The Gabion towers in the mall parking lot were designed by landscape architectsLandmark Studios and are comprised of Gabioncages which have lights and that allow for planting too.Gabion Towers Baywest MallBaywest Mall BinsGabion Towers Baywest Mall ParkingAnother large project, in which Allsorted participated was the Anglo America’s Centre for Experiential Learning in Johnnesburg, SA.  Allsorted worked with Architect, Kate Otten and Life Landscapes on this incredible project. The Gabion planting frames, created by Allsorted, were suspended from the atrium’s ceiling at different levels.  Allsorted Trough planters were then placed along the sides of the area with more planting frames above them. The purpose of this is to allow the creeper plants to grow up the frames and across the ceiling.  A natural look and feel was achieved with this project.

Gabion Planting Frames Anglo Centre

Gabion Planting Frame Anglo Centre

Gabion Planting Frames Anglo Centre

Allsorted’Gabion products are not only for commercial use.  Private houses in Johannesburg, SA  boast Gabion walls in areas such as kitchens and hallways.  They make an interesting wall feature and add texture to home design.Gabion Wall in KitchenGabion Wall HallwayThe Protea Parktonian Hotel in Braamfontein, SA utilises Allsorted Gabion planters on its outdoor deck. The planters add to the magnificent view of the city.Gabion Planters Protea Hotel GABION PLANTERS PARKTONIAN

Matlosana Mall in Klerksdorp, SA features the Allsorted Gabion Curved Bench outside its main entrance.  Concrete was used on top of the bench.  The bench adds to the natural look of the building.  Other Allsorted products such as the Caribbean Trough Planter and Square Tree Grate were used as part of the outside design layout. Gabion Curved Bench Matlosana Mall  Gabion Curved Bench Matlosana Mall

Patio Warehouse in Randburg, SA features Allsorted’s Gabion planters at at the steps of one of its display areas . The red flowers offset the neutral colours of the wood and pebbles.

Gabion Planters Patio WarehouseSo many different products can be created in the Gabion style.  With many more Gabion projects in the works for Allsorted, we cannot wait to update you on the exciting new ideas and designs involved.
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