Although the busy lifestyles of most of us today can leave little time for hobbies, a firm favourite would still be gardening.  We take a look at why you should be making time for a little time in your garden and the different ways you can do so.

There are many benefits one can reap from gardening.  Stress relief is a well-known advantage to any hobby but what makes gardening such a great source of stress relief?  For starters, it is a form of physical exercise.  While you garden, you use different muscles in your body.  Due to this physical activity, your risk of heart attack is significantly lowered.  According to The Guardian, research on the effects of gardening proved to lower the risk of heart attacks in seniors by 27%.  Although it is not advised that gardening is the only physical exercise partaken in by younger people, it is definitely recommended as a way of getting in that extra calorie burn.

Physical exercise is not the only way your body is put to work while gardening.  Gardening forces the mind to work too and according to, can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 36%.

Although the sun’s rays are often thought of as the enemy, this is not entirely true.  While it is not advised to spend countless hours in the sun without some form of protection against the UV rays, the sun can provide you with Vitamin D.  A little time in the sun is all you need in order to get some of this calcium absorption-aiding vitamin.

Plants are known for converting C02 into Oxygen so it makes sense to spend time surrounded by them.  Nobody ever regrets spending time in the fresh air – right?

As if the mental and physical benefits of gardening weren’t enough, it can also have social benefits.  Gardening can become a bonding activity.  Getting children involved in gardening not only gets them outdoors and active but can also help to educate them on where food comes from and how it is grown.  Fruits and vegetables can be grown to be consumed by the whole family and the kids will be more willing to eat something they have grown themselves.  Fun and healthy!

There are so many different ways of incorporating gardening into your life so you really have no reason not to join the green-fingered bandwagon.

Gardens Achieve this look by creating small patches of garden on your lawn and filling each with a variety of flowers and plantsColour is key here as it presents a contrast to the plain green of the lawn. Companion gardeningwould be advised when creating this look.
Herb-Garden herb garden is a great way of enjoying fresh, organic, healthy herbs while making the garden look attractive. Basil, chives, thyme, rosemary, mint, parsley, coriander and sage are some examples of popular herbs.

Look out for the Allsorted range of herb planters coming in 2016.

Trough-Planter-Garden Don’t have garden space? try planting a variety of different plants into trough planters like these ones by Allsorted Amenities Furniture

See our blog on smart container gardening.

Succulent-Garden Water-scarce areas can still look elegant. Try creating a succulent and rock garden. The deep reds and greens contrast well.

Aloe, Aeonium, Lythops and the Jade plant are some examples of succulents.

Raised-Veggie-Garden vegetable garden is a great way of getting the children involved in healthy eating.  Try creating a raised section in your garden in order to deter inquisitive pets.
Wall-Box-Planters If ground space is an issue, you could create a vertical garden by using wall box planters like these ones by Allsorted. Spend time growing different varieties of hanging plants such as Lantana, Petunias or Lobelia.  Placing the planter boxes closer together will form a plant wall.

So go on, get out there and start planting. Enjoy!

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