For some time now, plants have been made a feature in most interior and exterior spaces. Be it in office spaces, shopping malls, restaurants or even just in our homes, plants have become a popular choice of décor, and rightfully so. The natural colours of plants have been proven to have a positive effect on those they surround. The added benefits of cleaner air and a calmer environment further justify the use of greenery in our living and working areas. For this reason, we are very excited about two of our newer products – our Café Divider and Ribbed Divider.

Our two new dividers come in a variety of different height, length and colour options. The Café divider is a simple multiple aluminium trough planter, perfectly fit to sit on top of a mild steel frame. Both the actual planter and the frame come in various colours including black, white, charcoal, dark grey, light grey, beige and silver. The planters are designed to fit plastic watering liners with a water reservoir feature. The planter fits either 1, 2 or 3 of these liners. The Ribbed divider is a similar concept to the Café divider, however, the planter has a stylish horizontal ribbed look to it. Both dividers are an elegant and trendy feature in any design scheme.

The dividers can be used in numerous ways. They can be used to create different areas in large spaces that require non-permanent area division. Our dividers have been used in restaurant designs to create non view-obstructing division between the outside walkways and the seating areas. The dividers can be bolted to the ground for a more permanent position or they can be manufactured with standard feet that allow them to be picked up and moved easily due to their lightweight nature.

The dividers can also be used against walls to create an interesting feature in entrance halls or at front doors. Some of our clients have used the dividers to put against furniture such as couches and counters in order to add some greenery to the design. As the planters are sitting on a lightweight frame, they are easy to clean around. They can also be used to divide work spaces in office buildings.

The dividers can be planted up with either live or artificial plants which means a large variety of species can feature in your design. Shorter live plants such as Mother-in-Law’s, Tongue, succulents and Spekboom look great in these dividers, as do taller artificial plants such as ferns, palms and Delicious Monsters.

Take a look at some of the projects our Café and Ribbed dividers have featured in and be inspired.

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