It’s a well know fact that plants are good for your health. We have previously discussed the many benefits of having live plants in your office and home. Now we take a look at why an Allsorted Trough planter is the perfect addition to your living space- adding both healthy greenery and a little beauty to any place.

Size Is Not An Issue
Trough planters come in many sizes so there will always be a perfect planter for your space. Why not fill a Cupboard Box Trough with succulents or small plants? This is the perfect product for half walls in homes, offices and restaurants as it adds beauty to an area without taking up useful space.

They Aren’t Limited To Horizontal Surfaces
If there isn’t enough space on your floor plan and you desperately want some greenery to feature in your room design, there’s no need to worry. Allsorted manufactures Wall Box Troughs. You can use just one or group a set of them together to create a feature at a front entrance or lobby.

Great Room Dividers
If you want to divide up a room but don’t want to build an actual wall, a tall Trough planter can do wonders. It creates a visual barrier without the need for a formal wall. Plus you’ll be able to display some attractive, air-filtering plants at the same time!

Focal Point
brightly coloured Trough planter can attract the eye. Place the planter in a bare area for an instant focal point. Contrasting wall colours work well. This works if you have a painting or photograph you want to draw attention to. Place the planter underneath and a design feature will be created.

Not Just For Indoors
Trough planters can be placed anywhere! Provided they are manufactured from a suitable material for the area in which they will be placed. Aluminium is a go-to material when it comes to troughs as it can withstand the elements and also has a variety of finish options that can be applied.

Plants, Plants, Plants!
When it comes to choosing plants– you’re spoilt for choice. Allsorted Trough planters can be fitted with special self-watering liners so your plants will always stay healthy. There are so many colour and size combinations to play with when arranging planters and plants. Plus, plants make you happier!

Space Fillers
By choosing a Trough planter in a neutral colour or finish, you can fill an otherwise empty and dead space. Fill the planter with taller plants to create a feature. You will be filling the space with oxygen-makers while making it look more attractive.

So Many To Choose From
The versatility of the Trough planter is what makes it great for any space. Heights can vary from short to tall, there are long lengths for multiple plants and shorter ones for just one or two plants. The materialcolour and finish options are also vast. There will be a perfect Allsorted Trough planter for any situation including shopping malls, private homes, offices, airports, restaurants, hospitals and hotels.

They Help You Stay Healthy
Okay, so they might not physically force-feed youvegetables or take you to gym but they do play a part in a healthy lifestyle. The Trough Herb Planter is a great addition to any kitchen. It helps you grow fresh herbs and greens. Funky and beneficial! Basil, anyone?

So, whether you’re just looking to fill your office or home with more plants or you want to divide an area without the stress of building a wall, there’s an Allsorted planter perfect for you! Check out some of our planters online or contact us for your customised planter requirements.

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