Allsorted designs and manufactures a large range of products to be used both domestically and commercially. Products such as benches, litter bins and planters are utilized in our jobs. We often post about our larger projects in shopping malls, offices, and hotels, so we wanted to give you a look at a few of the residential installations we have done and perhaps inspire you for your next household decoratingor landscaping project.

Pool Areas:

We are pretty fortunate with our weather, here in South Africa. Hot summers mean many days spent by the pool, which is why we take pride in our pool areas. Landscaping often forms a part of this. Allsorted planters can be used to create either a statement or a complimentary look. A statement can be created by throwing some chunky planters into the mix. Many of our clients prefer to use aluminium planters in their gardens and pool areas, as the material is durable and can withstand all weather. The naturalness of the material can also blend in with its surrounding environment. Bold colours such as blue and red can be used as the focal point in this instance. Benches can also be added to the layout.

Poolside LandscapingEntertainment Areas:

Outside entertaining is a big thing in South Africa. Braais, lunches, and cocktail events can be hosted outside the home. This means we all want our outdoor entertainment areas looking fabulous! By adding some greenery in the form of potted up planters, this can be achieved. Three or more simple planters such as Square or Slimline shaped can be used to line, divide or enhance an area. The mirror effect can be created on our stainless steel planters. This look is perfect for giving the illusion of space.

Entertainment AreasInside The Home:

Allsorted planters are popular amongst homeowners who are looking to add some extra glamour to their homes. Square, Cone, Cylinder and Slimline shaped planter pots are often used in entrance hallsliving rooms and by staircases. More modern designs such as the Cuba, Curved and Quilt planters can be used in the interior, too. Indoor plants add class to the area and are healthy for the household. For more, visit our blog on indoor plants.

Home InteriorsIn The Garden:

Both benches and planter pots are well liked and used in residential gardens, however, they are not the only go-to products. Allsorted water features make a bold statement. A combination of mirror finish stainless steel, and surrounding natural materials such as rock, gravel, shrubbery and green groundcover, create a simple yet tasteful look in the garden.

Garden LandscapingDoes your garden or home feature Allsorted products? If so, we’d love to see pictures!

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