A while back we shared with you some of the most exclusive and expensive homes in the world. Known for their size, cost and over-the-top features and facilities, these homes had it all but its not just mansions that turn heads. Take a look at some of the world’s quirkiest and most interesting home designs.

If you’re one for privacy then this first home is not for you. If, however, you can get over the idea that your neighbours could be watching your every move, this transparent house in Japan might interest you. Sou Fujimoto Architects designed this house with the concept of the movement between trees as its inspiration. One can see into every ‘room’ whilst hold a conversation with someone in another section of the house. It has a light and airy feel to it.

NA House Japan

We all used to enjoy watching the Flintstones on TV but moving into 301 cobblestone Way, Bedrockprobably wouldn’t be on everyone’s wish list. Never the less, this home is very creative and well designed. The Stone-Age inspired house is actually located in Malibu and sports quirky animal-skin furniture, rock-like sofas and organically shaped kitchen fittings. We wonder if Fred and Wilma lived such a luxurious life!

Flintstone House

When travelling by plane, most of us would prefer to just get it over and done with and arrive at our desired destination but the residents of Miziara, Lebanon take pride in the houses of their neighbourhood, specifically this ‘airplane A380’ shaped home. The home consists of two floors that can be accessed by means of a staircase leading up to the front of the plane. Well, this home gets an A plus for creativity! We just hope it doesn’t take off anytime soon!


A380 House

The next home on our list is pretty normal looking – if you look at it from upside down, that is! This upside-down house in Germany might be fully functional but we can’t see ourselves living in it anytime soon. The furniture and fittings inside the house are all upsides down, or the right way round if you look at them from the opposite angle.

Upside Down House

This house looks like something out of an alien movie. The Bubble House was designed by Antti Lovagand has been furnished with equally rounded furniture. The interior represents the space age with its bold colours and interesting curves. The house was occupied by designer Pierre Cardin until recent years. The property is exciting with 3 pools and its own amphitheater.

Bubble House

This house is definitely not for anyone afraid of heights or water. Imagine living in a barnacle shaped house, suspended from a cliff! The house has been designed by Modscape Concept, who specialises in prefab architecture. The design consists of five modular floors that are linked by an elevator. The occupants will enter the house from the cliff level where a car parking will be placed. The building is pinned to the cliff using steel pins specially engineered to do so.

Cliff House

The style in which most homes these days are built is based on ancient architecture movements. Most home designs steal elements from different movements such as ancient Greece, Modernism, and Baroque but others are taken straight out of history – with a few minor adjustments of course. This pyramid house is designed to be open and airy with large windows.

Pyramid House

If you live alone or are often freaked out by strange noises outside during the night, then maybe this home is for you. Safety House in Poland is a concrete home that appears to be an ordinary, modern, block-like home during the day but can be closed up into a box when the owner wishes. This is made possible by steel sliding walls that block up the glass openings.

Safety House

It’s nice to get away on a beach vacation and what better way to do so than in a house completely designed around the concept of a shell? This house in Mexico is available for rent. Besides the outside being shaped like a shell, the interiors are also decorated with shell motifs and sand-like doors and walls. You’ll feel like a crab living inside this interesting house!

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