If you’re a devoted Kauai fan, you have probably noticed the store upgrades that have been taking place within the branches throughout South Africa over the last few years. As part of their latest brand upgrade, Kauai has given their stores a cleaner visual makeover, new menu and a better overall customer experience with a more transparent kitchen operation. The in-store design focuses on a clean black and white colour palette that allows for the healthy food to be the main focal point.

Both new and upgraded stores now feature a fresh look and feel that includes the use of natural materials such as timber and marble where applicable. Black and white are the dominant colours featured in order to create a clean, blank space that allows for the colourful, healthy food to be the star of the show. Allsorted Ribbed Divider planters have been used in the stores so that some greenery could be added to the design. The black planters fit in beautifully with the overall look and feel and create a nice contrast to the green plants planted into them. The plants further contribute to the ‘natural’, ‘fresh’ feel of the brand image.

If you love how our Ribbed dividers have been used in the Kauai stores and would like to acquire a similar look for your home or office, have a look here for more info on these popular planters.

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