Public spaces range from outdoor areas such as parks and open gardens to indoor places such as mallsrestaurants and hotels. One of the key factors in defining a public space is the way people use the space.  Some areas are meant for longer, more relaxing visits while others are busy, high turnover spaces that constantly require movement.

Regardless of the space though, public seating is almost always required.

Public seating should be chosen or designed around its users.  People constantly use these areas to rest, people-watch and wait, so ensuring the correct seating is chosen is important.  Factors such as climate, traffic flow, type of users and reason for placement must be considered.

Generally speaking, most public seating is placed for short-term use.  People do not go to a shopping centre to laze about on the benches all day.  This means they are not designed to encourage a person to sit on them for hours on end.  This does not, however, mean that they shouldn’t be comfortable for the time period they are used.  Bearing this in mind, the bench should be designed ergonomically in order to consider user comfort.  The bench proportions and materials all need to be chosen carefully according to the users and the area in which they will be placed.

Public seating should always be placed close enough to where the main activity is taking place (i.e. where the shoppers in a mall walk past or in the hotel lobby where people walk in and out) but not in the way of traffic flow as it is not meant to disrupt the activity.  Other amenities furniture such as waste binsand planters are usually placed along side benches for convenience and aesthetics. When placing the benches in the public area, it would be wise not to place them opposite one another as this could be awkward for users who do not wish to converse.  The design of the bench or seating should either blend in with its surroundings or make a statement.  Design can sometimes be as important as function.

There can be problems such as vandalism and maintenance issues associated with public seating.  These can easily be overcome though- as discussed below.

Let us take a look at some Allsorted benches and the reasons why they are perfect for public areas.

The Contemporary bench is made from stainless steeland is designed for high volume use in places such as mallsand airports.  It has a woven fibre cane surface which is the perfect solution to vandalism that includes carving and scraping of traditional wooden surfaces.  It is a sleek, attractive looking bench that looks great in any public space.Contemporary-Bench

The Gabion bench is a more solid, rustic looking benchwith its mild steel cage structure.  The cavities of the bench are filled with rock to create a natural looking seating solution for any outdoor public space such as a parkmall entrance or parking lot.  It is available in a variety of options that include modular seating and a longer curved bench.Gabion-BenchThe Mall bench is designed for just that- a mall.  It is simple and practical yet adds a stylish characteristic to an interior space.  It can be designed for use indoors and outdoors and a variety of wood or wood-like products can be used for the bench top.Mall-BenchThe Modern bench is a stylishly designed stainless steeland wood bench.  It exudes luxury and would be best suited to upper class hotelsreceptions, waiting rooms and shopping centres.Modern-BenchThe Slimline bench has a straight and simple design, which is practical for all applications including shopping mallshotels, airports, offices and schools.  It is available with or without a back.Slimline-BenchThe Swiss bench is a funky and playful bench, designed for use in more quirky public places.  The stainless steel bench has circular cut-outs on its body and a colourful supawood or natural hard wood top.Swiss-Bench

Public seating is one way to ensure customers and users are comfortable & happy.  You never know- they might even spend more at your business.  Of course, all our benches are perfect for any area.

Allsorted benches are all available with bolt-down or adjustable feet.  To prevent movement or to counter uneven ground below, respectively.

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