Allsorted designs and manufactures high-quality products for all situations. Benches, litter bins, planters, cigarette bins, desk bowls and water features are but a few examples of such and we have decked out many spaces including shopping mallsprivate homeshotels and offices with these products. A popular product amongst our clients is the chunky planter. The use of large statement planters has become a popular trend. We take a look at some different applications of large planters.

Chunky planters can be used as a focal point at an entrance or window area of a house. Grouping 3 Chunky Slimline or Square planters together in a row can use otherwise empty space effectively. Pairing the planters with taller plants such as palms or dracaena creates stature. These brushed Aluminium Slimline planters look great planted up and filled with stones.

Chunky Slimline Planters


Chunky planters can look very attractive on patios and balconies of high-rise buildings. They can help bring up some greenery to areas that wouldn’t necessarily have plants growing naturally. These mirror finished Stainless steel Square planters blend into their surroundings while still creating a feature on the balcony.

Chunky Square Mirror Planters

If you are looking to fill a double volume space with something that won’t get lost in its surroundings, a chunky planter is perfect. This painted Aluminium Chunky Slimline planter has been planted up with a tall yet slim tree. This creates the illusion of height. A bold or neutral colour works best in this application as it stands out. The planter has been filled with bark chips to contrast dark and light colours.

White Chunky Slimline Planter

In a mall environment where space is vast, a large planter works well. It can have a similar finish to other products placed within the space in order to create unity. Both tall and shorter plants work well in this application. This large satin-finish Stainless Steel Chunky Cube planter matches the smaller planters and litter bins surrounding it.

Satin chunky Cube Planter

Although the size of the planter is often enough to make a statement, colour options can be played with too. A statement colour such as red, blue or yellow can be used to grab attention in areas that are otherwise plain and boring. These Chunky Cube planters were customised. The blue of the planters and green of the plants compliment each other.

Painted Cube Planters

Combining size with the simplicity of clean, white lines creates stateliness. Here, a combination of Trough planters and Cube planters has created a focal point outside the entrance to an office building. This is a great way to bring greenery into man-made, built-up areas while still keeping a formal quality to the look.

Mixed Planters

All Allsorted planters can be adapted for use both indoors and outdoors. Choice of material will affect where the planter can be placed. Allsorted planters are all designed to fit a self-watering liner, which is great for indoor plants as it prevents water waste. If the planter will be placed outside then the watering fill pipe can just be removed. Have a look at our catalogue for details on the self-watering liner.

Self-Watering Liner

With a variety of material and finish options available for Allsorted planters, the opportunities are endless. Take a look at our wide selection of planters HERE or contact us for your custom requirements.

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