We are all for a beautifully designed room.  While there are many elements that make up an interior, we can see why wall coverings should be given more attention when it comes to designing and decorating a room.

wall covering, be it painted, papered or crafted using any other creative technique, can do a lot for an interior.  It is an expression of its occupants and often describes their personality.  Your serious grandmother, for example, would probably never choose a glittering, bright green wallpaper to cover a wall in her dining room.Wall coverings, along with the floor of a room, are quite often what drive an individual to buy certain furniture for that room.  As most interior walls are usually just painted in a single colour, the chance of interest and excitement in the room diminishes.  We end up having to over-compensate by adding unnecessary objects to the design scheme.  We took a look at some of the other options that are available to us- proving that instead of just lending itself to the furniture, a wall covering can actually become the decorative focal point of the room.If one wanted to create some serious texture on a single wall of a room, they could place textured wall tiles- like the sea-creature inspired one from Element Clay Studio, below.  The sculpted floral wall panel by Zoya Olifer, picture below, would add a whimsical dimension to a room.  A crater-like 3-D wall panel design like the one from 3-D Wall Panels UK could be used on a single wall to add depth and interest to the interior.  We wouldn’t recommend covering the entire room with such a sculpted, textured look. We would also keep the colour palette very muted as not to take away from the texture.Deep Textured Wall CoveringsNot all rooms could carry off the demanding nature of the above wall coverings. Sometimes, a covering with just a slight surface texture such as a sheen or surface pattern, can add enough drama to an interior. Below are a few examples from Barncroft Room Designs.Textured Wall CoveringWe know covering our walls in these coverings can become quite an expensive task so below we have put together a few cost effective D.I.Y wall covering ideas.

Framed Wall Covering

Covering a wall with different, framed wrapping or decorative paper is a good way to cover an otherwise unsightly wall.

Chalkboard Backsplash Wall CoveringA cheap and simple kitchen splashback can be created by painting the wall with chalk board paint or by mounting individual or specially cut chalk boards.

Map Wall Covering

One could stencil and paint a simplified version of the world map onto a single colour background, use a decal sticker or purchase a ready printed version such as the one pictured above,

from AllPosters.com

.Paint Sample Wall Covering

A clever way to add colour to a wall that cannot be painted, is to stick paint sample onto the wall. To create an ombre effect, similar colour samples can be placed in order of intensity.  A random look can be achieved by mixing the colours.  One can also use many colours beside each other in an ombre effect as pictured above from Buzzfeed.

Wall Box Wall Coverings

Placing plants on your wall is a good way to save ground space.  These Wall Box planters from Allsorted are customisable and make a great entrance focal point.

Allsorted Showroom and Head Office

Allsorted‘s Johannesburg, South Africa showroom has a rather funky wall paper display by Orla Kiely UK.

If you’re ever nearby, feel free to visit the showroom.  Where are we?


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