Nashua Offices

Allsorted worked on a project for Nashua East Rand’s office. A variety of Allsorted products have been used throughout the office, including brushed aluminium Cone planters, white Square planters and stainless steel mirror finish Contemporary planters. A Mall bench was also used in a waiting area and Cupboard Box sloped troughs were used on the filing cabinets and cupboards to add some greenery to the corporate environment. Artificial plants were used with the products.

SEDA Offices

Allsorted worked on a project involving custom products in the form of tables for an outdoor lunch area. The Contemporary tables were placed with Contemporary stainless steel benches manufactured with orange fibrecane to match the company’s corporate colours.

Intersite Building

The outdoor area of the office building has been fitted with Eco tree grates – custom made to fit the existing trees. Contemporary benches have also been placed outside to create a sitting area for staff.

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