Old Mutual Insure

Allsorted provided a selection of planters and recycle bins for the Old Mutual Insure office building. Aluminium Cube Chunky planters are featured in the courtyard. They have a powdercoated finish and have trees planted into them. We have placed Trough planters, with Sansevieria and Ficus plants planted into them, inside the office space. Allsorted Recycle bins have also been used in the office for various types of recyclable waste.

Home Atrium

The Allsorted Slimline Chunky planters made from brushed aluminium have been used in the private home atrium. These large planters are perfect for double volume areas and gardens.

Sandton Balcony

Allsorted Chunky Cube planters have been used on the balcony of this Sandton apartment. The mirror finish stainless steel is eye-catching and classy. Small trees have been planted into the planters.

Forest Hill City

Large white Slimline Chunky planters have been placed inside Forest Hill City shopping mall. These large planters have been planted up with trees, perfect for double volume areas in shopping malls and public spaces.

Nelson Mandela Square

The Nelson Mandela Square office building in Sandton features Allsorted stainless steel Slimline planters in a satin finish. The simplicity of the Slimline planter pot goes fittingly with the classic style of the building.

Mamelodi Shopping Centre

Allsorted Chunky Cube planters with a brown painted finish have been used in the passageways of the shopping centre. Cube Chunky planters are perfect for open-space areas.

Springs Mall

The Springs Blue Crane Eco Mall opened in 2017. Allsorted was responsible for the furniture throughout the mall. Products featured include Mall litter bins and planters as well as Mall benches. The large wooden planters custom-made for the mall have complemented the wood look of the Mall bench. Cigarette bins have also been placed on the exterior of the mall.

Eastgate Mall

Allsorted Chunky Cube planters in a mirror stainless steel finish have been used in the outdoor rooftop area of Eastgate Mall. The large Cube planters are stately and bold, allowing larger plants and trees to be planted into them. Seating has been added around selected planters.

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