House Interior

Allsorted aluminium Cone planters have been used in the entrance area of this home. Tall Cone planters make a statement in entrance and stairway areas.

Poolside Area

Allsorted Slimline planters have been placed along the wall in this poolside area. Aluminium planters are great for outdoor use in gardens and pool areas as they are lightweight yet durable.


Allsorted not only provides litter bins, planters, benches and other products to corporates and larger building projects but has also supplied many residential homes with beautiful products. Planters are a popular choice for garden and home decor and with Allsorted’s variety of designs, sizes and materials, there is a planter or product for every individual’s home. A variety of planter designs have been used in both aluminium and stainless steel. Allsorted water features have also been featured in garden designs.

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