Sasol Trend Allandale

The newly refurbished Sasol Trend, Allandale features a seletcion of standard and custom Allsorted products. Allsorted provided Mall Combo litter bins, Trough planters, custom wall frame planters, custom benches and artificial plants for this project. The selection of black and metallic silver along with the artificial plants and warm lighting are right on trend – pun intended.

Leo’s Place

Allsorted recently worked with City Property on a fun and exciting project for Leo’s Place. Allsorted dividers, planters, litter bins, tables and benches have been used, custom-designed for the client. Allsorted benches and tables have been placed in the common area to create pause areas. Various planters including the Allsorted Trough planter along with custom-made planters have been placed throughout the interior. The use of colour in conjunction with the greenery of the plants look stunning.

Cool Ideas

Allsorted worked on a project for fibre company, Cool ideas. Cool Ideas’ newly designed offices are funky and upbeat. Allsorted aluminium Trough planters in a white powdercoated finish have been placed inside the office. Zamiifolia artificial plants have been set into them.

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