Allsorted offers a variety of products including benches, litter bins and planters

Allsorted was established to provide superior quality furniture specified by architects, designers, landscapers, and specifiers. Allsorted's range includes products that can be used as complete sets or as individual pieces. The variety of products includes a full spectrum of facilities including benches, litter bins, planters, cigarette bins, and many other products.

Allsorted Designs

Product Portfolio

 • Architectural Gabions   Benches  
 Bollards  Cigarette Butt Bins 
Cycle Parking   Desk Bowls   Dividers  
Litter Bins  Planters   Recycle Bins 
Tree Grates   Tree Protectors   
Water Features  
• Special projects & custom items

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Product Portfolio  
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The benches are designed to be stylish yet functional.   Available in a variety of designs and materials, to suit any application from a front garden to a shopping mall, indoor or outdoor and from small spaces to more ambitious areas. 

A stylish solution to waste management. The litter bins come in a variety of designs and can be made for both indoor and outdoor use.   Suitable for all spaces including homes, offices and shopping malls.  Recycle bins are also available.

The planters are available in a great variety of styles, sizes, materials and finishes, there are designs to suit any scale, theme, traffic flow, weather condition and design requirement.  Suitable for shopping malls, homes, gardens, hotels and offices.

Allsorted Designs,  designs and creates stylish, contemporary yet timeless trend-setting décor and accessories, presenting functional features to enhance offices, malls and open spaces, customised for the corporate and commercial sectors.

Allsorted   all•sort•ed
a complete seamless solution
a•me•ni•ties fur•ni•ture

Allsorted Designs, was established to provide a superior, carefully-crafted product offering for new generation designers, architects and specifiers. The product range includes a selection of complete collections designed to enhance facilities management but can be interchanged to customise a flexible eclectic fusion.  Manufactured from the highest quality raw materials, products are available in a variety of finishes, but all have the consistently seamless style which is the hallmark of Allsorted Designs.

Products are manufactured from the finest materials, including the highest quality aluminium, stainless steel 430, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, corten or mild steel. The preferred material is chosen according to product location (indoors, outdoors or at the coast), for its durability.For a wide audience of creative consultants who may be conceptualising, upgrading, renovating, revamping or enhancing commercial developments, Allsorted Designs is a designer’s delight and deserves a place in the initial planning process, setting the style standard and ensuring a streamlined outcome with that elusive touch of class.

It’s not done until it’s allsorted!